Debate in Maple Class

This term we have been finding out Saints. We have considered what makes a person saintly, do you have to be a martyr to be a saint and how the lives of saints can influence us.

We have found out about a range of apostle saints, patron saints and modern saints.

This week we had a debate – Should Jesus be a saint?

At the start of the debate: 10 agree, 7 disagree

The teams researched their material and prepared their arguments. They decided how their team would operate.

Reasons why Jesus should be a saint –

  • He died for us
  • He acted like a saint and lived a good life
  • He fought for what he believed in
  • He told people about God
  • He was not a Christian, but he believed in God
  • He prepared himself for death and died for his religion
  • He helped everyone, he celebrated how unique people were and loved everyone

Reasons why Jesus should not be a saint

  • Saints believe in God and Jesus is God
  • Jesus was above this
  • Jesus was a Jew
  • Jesus was the reason why saints were created
  • Every website says that he was not

Following the opening statements there was a time for questions before people closed their arguments.

The final vote:

11 agreed and 6 disagree