Ash Class

We have been creating poems that were inspired by fire. Ash class spent a morning in the science garden around the fire pit and came up with some fabulous adjectives to include in their poems. We had some veggie sausages for a treat too!

Maple Class

Throughout our art work this term we have been focusing on the finds at Sutton Hoo; we have now started to create the Sutton Hoo Helmet out of clay.  We looked carefully at the different textures and patterns on the original and investigated ways we could create these in clay These are Jacob L, Oliver S, Summer and Halia’s clay work.


Oak Class

Oak class have been creating repeating patterns with Christmas shapes to make beautiful wrapping paper.

Beech Class

We have been comparing numbers in Beech class this term using the manipulatives to help us.


Poplar Class

Earlier on in the term, we created some lovely Autumn art using different kinds of paint and collage.