Ash Class

As part of our topic ‘Fizz, Pop, Bang’, Ash Class have been making firework pictures using different art materials. We found that the oil pastels worked best for portraying the bright colours of the fireworks.

Maple Class

Throughout our art work this term we have been focusing on the finds at Sutton Hoo; we have now started to create the Sutton Hoo Helmet out of clay.  We looked carefully at the different textures and patterns on the original and investigated ways we could create these in clay These are Jake, Hannah, Ethan A and Kieran’s clay work.

Oak Class

Oak class have been sewing animal masks, using stitches to join pieces of felt.

Beech Class

Beech have started looking at shapes in maths this week. The class had to create a Christmas picture with all the 2-D shapes in.

Poplar Class

In some of our drawing club sessions we enjoyed exploring the book Going Places. We then had lots of fun creating our own types of transport.