Court Hill by Beech Class

We thought you would like to see what Beech got up to when we went for an overnight stay at Court Hill.

Day 1

On the first day,  Beech class arrived and were kindly welcomed by Willow Class who were very excited to see us. After a quick hello, the children set off and started to explore the outdoors and created some incredible dens with one even including floor boards!







After this we all jumped in the minibus and headed to Avebury to look at the stone circle, the children were fascinated by the size of the stones and it took 14 children to fit round one stone!

There were even sheep in the field with the stones and the children could not believe the amount of sheep poo there was!!









We then headed to White Horse Hill and climbed to the top, the children raced ahead to see who could get to the horse first.

The horse is a whopping 111 meters from the tip of its tail to its ear and it has been dated to the later Bronze age or Iron age. We also saw Dragon Hill from White Horse Hill which had a flattened top. It is where St. George slayed the dragon. The blood poisoned the ground and left a white chalk scar for all to see.

Once we had finished at White Horse Hill we enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie and headed back to Court Hill to explore the bedrooms and tuck into a delicious meal.

The children then enjoyed playing board games and one child even turned Mrs Howard into a chicken!!

It was a very successful first day enjoyed by all the children and staff!