Computing in Poplar

On a Friday afternoon Poplar learn Computing.  We have found out that computers follow special instructions called algorithms and they will follow our commands exactly so we have to be very clear and specific. We have been watching Hector’s World videos to learn about e-safety ( – these are all on YouTube if the videos will not play on this site) and we remember the advice when using iPads.  We know never to give out our own or our friend’s personal information and to use just our first name or a nickname when asked to type our name.  We also know that we can share our information, such as our passwords, with a trusted family member or friend.

We are fantastic at using the iPads independently and know how to carry the iPads and sit with them correctly, we know how to store them so that they are safe and charge, we can log in and out of apps and close all our apps down when we’ve finished.

We are currently really enjoying SumDog (  We each have our own log in and answer maths questions when playing games.  We can earn virtual rewards like pets or coins to buy things for our virtual house.  We really like that we can play against friends in our class!

Here are some photos of our learning.  We look very focused!