Coin Train

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We created huge coin trains in our house teams using all the loose change that we had collected as part of fundraising by BOBS.  The lines were extremely long – some went up and down the hall several times!  After the lines had been made then Maple had the job of measuring the lines and counting all the coins – it was a huge task!  They had to work out the best way to count up all the coins, looking at how much could go in each bag and making sure they didn’t mix up coins of different values within a bag.  Maple even had to work out the best way to record the results and create a table for this.

When the lines were all measured the lengths were:

Peake 33m 15cm

Cox 30m 12cm

Franklin 22m 49cm

Hawking 22m 42cm

When we finally counted and bagged up all the coins the amount of money was:

Cox £50.06

Peake £33.59

Franklin £29.72

Hawking £21.47