Chinese Cultural Day

On Friday 23rd St Blaise celebrated that we are now learning Mandarin in key stage two by taking part in a Chinese Cultural day.

Classes found out about China through PowerPoints and self-study. The children used the internet, atlases, and non-fiction texts.

A Chinese lion dancing team came to visit. We found out that the lion dance is practised in karate and martial arts schools. The team consisted of 2 musicians and 2 dancers.  The lion is used during festivals and is a bringer of good luck.  During Chinese New Year oranges (representing gold) and green leaves (representing good luck) are eaten by the lion. The lion chews them up and throws them out. If an orange or green leaf touch you then you get double the good luck.

In the afternoon children tasted different types of Chinese food – we had a go at using chop sticks, some were more successful than others.  Classes looked at Chinese traditions and customs. Maple class took part in a painting workshop with Mr Webster our Mandarin teacher and in the afternoon, they had paper cutting workshop via the internet. Willow class took part in a calligraphy workshop creating mandarin numbers and words.