Science Club

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We had fantastic fun this week creating our own foaming monsters! First we decorated the bottles to look like scary monsters and then the fun started.  We half filled the bottles with vinegar and added a big squirt of washing … Continued

Ancient Egyptian Poetry

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In Willow class last week we have been writing poetry based around our topic of the Ancient Egyptians. The children were given the choice of the type of poem they would like to write, ranging from rhyming, non-rhyming, descriptive or … Continued

Microscope exploration

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In Willow class this week we have been exploring the microscopic world around us using microscopes! We have been using them to explore a range of materials and discover how some are made. We discovered how maths and science link … Continued

Reasoning in maths

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This week in Willow we have been using our reasoning skills to explore rounding. We used dice to play a rounding game from NRich where we needed to round numbers to the different tens and scores points against each other. … Continued


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This week we have been reading and discussing poetry in Willow class. We have been discussing our likes and dislikes about a variety of Egyptian themed poems and how we think they could be improved. We have explored a variety … Continued

Geography and Egypt

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In Willow Class this term our topic is the Egyptians and we have been learning about the continents of the World and the location of Egypt in Africa. We have been discussing modern Egypt and Ancient Egypt and locating and … Continued

Victorian School Day

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On Friday 16th March Willow Class had a taste of Victorian School life on our visit to the Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock. The children dressed, sat and behaved like a Victorian child under the direction of their very strict teacher … Continued

Safer Internet Day 2018 – Willow

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In Willow Class we took part in Safer Internet Day 2018. We learned about ways to keep us safe whilst we are using the internet and also how our actions and behaviours can affect others. We completed activities from the … Continued

Solids and Liquids science learning

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In Willow Class our science topi this term is solids, liquids and gasses. We recently carried out an investigation to classify solids and liquids. We tested and classified a variety of different materials (including stone, washing up liquid, oil, wood, … Continued

Narnia prayer space – Willow

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We visited the Narnia prayer space in Willow and we found it an extremely calming, relaxing and thoughtful place to be. Having entered through the wardrobe we found ourselves in snow covered Narnia and we took part in a range … Continued

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