Ukulele Lessons

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In Willow Class we are learning to play the Ukulele! Our Ukulele teacher visits once a week for an hour and we take part in singing and Ukulele lessons. We are determinedly practising and making good progress.

Storytelling in Willow

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This week in Willow Class we have been putting our storytelling skills to the test! We told a story about a poor Victorian maid as a class and added actions. We then practised retelling the story in groups and to … Continued

Moon Rock

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We were amazingly lucky to be able to “Borrow the Moon” in school at the start of December.  We were able to handle rare samples of moon rocks and meteorites during a series of science lessons which were truly out … Continued

Court Hill – Willow Class

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Everyone had the most amazing time at Court Hill even if we were really tired when we got home!  Below are some extracts from our recounts about the trip which we thought you would like to read. Court Hill by … Continued

Court Hill – Day 1 – Willow Class

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Everyone is having a fantastic time building dens, bug hunting and working in teams. They have been identifying trees and thinking about the environment.  The children are settled and happy and they and the staff are worn out from all … Continued

Volcano Artwork – Willow Class

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We have been looking at the picture Mount Vesuvius by Andy Warhol. Showing Vesuvius erupting in a violent and dramatic explosion, Warhol saw Vesuvius for its fiery energy of past.  Andy Warhol left his beloved photographic pictures to experiment something … Continued

Volcano Poems By Willow Class

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Willow class have been writing poems about volcanoes.  We have been looking at different styles of poems including acrostics and shape poems.   Eruption Shaking earth, Water fizzing, Rocks vibrating, Bang, boom, bang, Ash clouds blacken the sky, Boiling steam, … Continued

Kenning Poems

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Kenning poems by Willow Class Read the poems and see if you can guess which animal they have written about (answers at the bottom of the page!)   Kenning 1 – by Mia English-expert Loud-voice Children-helper Register-taker Whistle-blower Who am … Continued

Multiplication reasoning

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In Willow Class this week we have been reasoning in maths for multiplication. We completed two different challenge sheets which tested our multiplication skills for all times tables and a game that tested our seven times table knowledge. We did … Continued

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