Boxgrove School

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We recently received Christmas Cards from Boxgrove School in West Sussex! This is us holding the Christmas cards we made in return. We have posted this on our website hoping that Fox Class (Year 3/4) at Boxgrove can see our … Continued

Anti-Bullying week in Willow

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In Willow class this week we have been exploring the theme of anti-bullying week. We created posters which remind us of reasons why bullying happens and what we can do about it. The key message we learned is always TELL … Continued

The Living Rainforest!

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This week Willow class visited The Living Rainforest at Newbury! We had a fantastic time exploring the indoor rainforest and learning all about the different plants, layers and climates of a rainforest. We saw different species of animals including a … Continued

Painting poppy field pictures

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In Willow as part of our First World War week, we painted pictures to show the fields of poppies that grew after the war ended. We created two pictures, one using pastels and crayons and another using water colour and … Continued

Day of the Dead in Willow Class

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Friday 2nd November was the ‘Day of the Dead’ in many countries including Brazil and especially Mexico. In Willow Class we learned all about this joyful and happy celebration and made a ‘Day of the Dead’ shrine in class. We … Continued

Leaf Printing in Willow

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Leaf Printing in Willow class Willow class experimented with different printing techniques. They over layered colours, printed using a variety of leaves and tried different paint patterns.  Groups used leaves to create silhouettes.  They tried to build leaves within leaves … Continued

Cricket in KS2

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We are lucky in Willow and Maple to have George, a cricket coach working with us this term.  On Thursday he started with an assembly telling us all about how the Ashes came into being and focusing on the spirit … Continued

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