Leaf Printing in Willow

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Leaf Printing in Willow class Willow class experimented with different printing techniques. They over layered colours, printed using a variety of leaves and tried different paint patterns.  Groups used leaves to create silhouettes.  They tried to build leaves within leaves … Continued

Cricket in KS2

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We are lucky in Willow and Maple to have George, a cricket coach working with us this term.  On Thursday he started with an assembly telling us all about how the Ashes came into being and focusing on the spirit … Continued

Willow throw some Country style shapes!

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Willow class did an amazing job performing their country dance and maypole dance this week! What really makes me proud is that they organised and produced a lot of the routines independently. Well done for a spot on performance.

Canopic Jar creation

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In willow we have explored the way in which talented craftspeople created Canopic Jars in Ancient Egypt. We planned out our designs, created our jars using cups and papier mache, then drew out the designs for how we would like … Continued

Science Club – Week 4

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This week we put our engineering skills to the test – we were challenged to build the tallest free standing structure that we could from marshmallows and spaghetti!!  We had to use lots of determination to do this as it … Continued

Informed Egyptians!

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Willow are proud to show you that they have completed their instructions for the Ancient Egyptians! They have written instructions on how to Mummify an Egyptian and instructed (politely) a Pharaoh on how to build a pyramid.

Ancient Egyptian Death Masks

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In Willow we have displayed our Ancient Egyptian Death Masks that were created last term. We cut out cardboard templates and using designs that we had created, painted our masks with a first coat. We then applied a second coat … Continued

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