Art Week

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This week the whole school is enjoying Arts Week. Each class is finding out about an artists and creating some art work inspired by that artist. Oak class will be looking at the Art work of Henri Matisse. Click on … Continued

Counting in 2s

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  We have been making pairs with socks. We have been using the pairs of socks to explore doubling and counting in 2s. We matched the Numicon and found they were all even numbers.

Making 10p

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How many ways can you make 10p using 1p, 2p and 5p coins? We have been using Numicon to find different ways of making 10p.

Numbers to 20

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We have been using tens frames to show numbers to 20. We have been describing these numbers as tens and ones. We found that to make 14 you fill one tens frame and have 4 in another tens frame. We … Continued

Making maps

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We have created 3D maps in the Tough Top. We then took aerial photos to create a plan. We have then used these photos to draw our own maps. We have been looking in the atlases and drawing our own … Continued

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