Trip to Oxfordshire Museum

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Poplar class spent a great day at the Oxfordshire Museum, learning all about toys from the past. We had plenty of time to play with loads of different toys and we also made our own peg dolls. We explored the … Continued

Superhero Vehicles

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Poplar class were using their DT skills to make some incredible models of their superhero vehicles. We designed our vehicles first, thinking about what features our vehicles would need – do they have hidden weapons? How will they move?   … Continued

Scooter Safety

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On scooter day we learnt about the importance of keeping safe You always need the correct equipment   2. When you are scooting you must learn to stop – it is very important so that you stay safe.   3. … Continued

Redrow Tree Planting

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Poplar and Willow class were invited to a tree planting ceremony at the new Redrow site. The tree commemorates all those who died in the First World War.  Rhea and Lilly won a school  poetry competition to plant the Oak. … Continued

Born in a Barn

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Nativity Play On the 4th of December, Reception and Poplar (Year 1 and 2) performed a spectacular Nativity play. During the performance we were treated with singing cats, dancing donkeys and ducks and even performing pigs! Everybody should be proud … Continued

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