Landmarks across Europe

The past 2 weeks Poplar have been learning about Europe. We have been using maps and atlases to locate countries, discuss weather and climate and we have been exploring famous landmarks. We really enjoyed using lego and playing with construction … Read More

Henri Matisse

Poplar have been learning about a new artist this week, Henri Matisse. We enjoyed exploring his  collages and noticed different patterns and lines he used. We then went off and experimented with our own designs and ideas.  

Addition in Poplar

Poplar Class have been learning about addition in maths. We have been very busy learning how to add using equipment such as numicon and tens frames, and some of us in Year 2 have begun to learn how to add … Read More

Becoming artists!

So far this term, Poplar have been learning all about Europe. We have learnt about a few different countries within Europe and famous artists. Last week we explored Monet’s paintings, in particular, his painting of the waterloo bridge. We spoke … Read More

Super Senses

This week in science, Poplar have been learning about their senses. We started by drawing a body and labelling which body parts are used for which sense. We then went into the science garden and made sound bottles by putting … Read More

3D Shapes

Poplar class have been busy learning about shapes. We have learnt the names of some common 3D shapes and have been practising building them!

The Snowflake

Last week, we read the picture book ‘The Snowflake’. We decided to plan and write our own version focussing on the journey of a snowflake. We thought about what it looks like, where it might travel and how it moves. … Read More

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