Science Club

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We had fantastic fun this week creating our own foaming monsters! First we decorated the bottles to look like scary monsters and then the fun started.  We half filled the bottles with vinegar and added a big squirt of washing … Continued

Shabbat Day in Poplar Class

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Shabbat (18th May) On Friday we held a Shabbat day in Poplar Class. We began by making special plaited Challah bread. We then lit candles, said blessings and cut our bread. We put salt on the bread – it was … Continued

Maths in Poplar Class

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What a great morning Year 1 had outside learning all about clocks and telling the time. They used the hula hoops as their clock faces and then added the numbers and hands taking it in turn to tell the time.

Out in the Science garden

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This afternoon two of the children from Poplar Class worked extremely hard preparing some of the flower beds.  They dug the soil; loving all the worms and insects that they found and made sure that there were lots of places … Continued

Sculptures by Poplar Class

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Poplar Class have been learning about the artist Alberto Giacometti; a swiss sculptor and painter.  They looked at work he had produced as part of their work on the human body and talked about what they liked and didn’t like … Continued

Poplar Class Topic Web

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Welcome back! Our topic this term is Plants and Growth.  Please have a look at our class letter and topic web for term 2b. Poplar-Class-Letter-Term-2b Poplar-Class-Topic-Web-2b

Poplar Homework Week 2a

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Thank you for all of your support last term with homework.  Here are the homework sheets from term 2a. Homework-100118 Homework-170118 Homework-240118 Homework-310118 Homework-090218  

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