Poplar Open Morning

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Poplar Class loved sharing their learning in their Open Morning at the end of term. They invited parents, grandparents and carers to come and work with them on the many challenges set out in class; some of these were part … Continued

Science Club – Week 4

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This week we put our engineering skills to the test – we were challenged to build the tallest free standing structure that we could from marshmallows and spaghetti!!  We had to use lots of determination to do this as it … Continued

Science Club – Week 3

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This week we had amazing fun with our two investigations.  First we predicted what would happen to raisins which were put into a measuring cylinder of fizzy water.  We discussed that they might sink to start with but some of … Continued

Science Club – Week 2

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This week we started by trying to make Rice Krispies jump onto our spoon.  We rubbed our spoons hard to make them electro-statically charged and then held them over a bowl of Rice Krispies and watched them jump onto our … Continued

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