Oak’s music wall

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Year 5 have helped create a music wall for Oak class. We are looking forward to creating some different sounds. We have been using some big pictures to help us play different rhythms, using the syllables in each word. Year … Continued

Shoe making in Oak class

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After reading the story The Elves and the Shoemaker, we had a go at making our own shoes. We found it was best to work together with our friends, like the elves in the story.  

Maths outdoors

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We have been enjoying some maths games in the garden. We had to throw the beanbags into the hoops. We scored 1 point if we got the beanbag in the biggest hoop, 2 points for the middle sized hoop and … Continued

Headteacher’s Tea Party

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The first tea party for those children who have completed three achievement cards took place on Tuesday with a special guest from the Parish Council.  The children were very excited and had a wonderful time eating jam sandwiches, carrot sticks … Continued

Oak Topic Web – Eggs

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This Term Oak Class’ topic is Eggs. Please take a look at our topic web below to see what we will be learning about. Term-2b-spiders-web-eggs

Constructing some sights of the world

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The children in Oak class have been developing their creativity and curiosity this week, finding out about some famous sights around the world. Noah recognised the Eiffel Tower, so we looked for France in the Atlas. He found lots of … Continued

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