Maths in Oak

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We have been practising counting using objects, dice, tens frames, number tracks and Numicon. The children have enjoyed exploring our maths resources.

The Three Little Pigs

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Oak class have been enjoying the story The Three Little Pigs. They have been using pictures to retell the story and have been building brick houses both inside and outside.  

Outdoor Explorers

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Oak Class and Year 1 have been enjoying our new science garden. We have been identifying trees, looking for spiders, building stick houses, playing in the mud kitchen and enjoyed marshmallows around the fire.

Counting in 2s

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  We have been making pairs with socks. We have been using the pairs of socks to explore doubling and counting in 2s. We matched the Numicon and found they were all even numbers.

Making 10p

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How many ways can you make 10p using 1p, 2p and 5p coins? We have been using Numicon to find different ways of making 10p.

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