Edgar the Excitable Dragon – Maple

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After watching the John Lewis Christmas advert and knowing that our library would be decorated for Christmas, Emily and Lily wrote to Waitrose asking if they would be able to donate us an Edgar Dragon for the library.  Waitrose were … Continued

Building Mars Rovers in Maple

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We have been learning about the Mars Rover Curiosity in Maple – how it was built and how they got it to land on Mars.  As part of this we designed and built our own models of Curiosity.  This involved … Continued

Moon Rock

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We were amazingly lucky to be able to “Borrow the Moon” in school at the start of December.  We were able to handle rare samples of moon rocks and meteorites during a series of science lessons which were truly out … Continued

The Highwayman – Maple Class

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Maple Class have been exploring the text The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.  We have loved finding out about the different characters, creating character and setting descriptions and writing internal monologues for Bess as she waits for the Highwayman to return. … Continued

Phases of the Moon – Maple

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In Maple as part of our work learning all about the Moon we investigated the different phases of the Moon.  We had great fun pretending to be the Earth holding out our Moon and watching it go from a New … Continued

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