Performing poetry

Beech class read the poem The Light by James Carter. Groups presented it to each other. Some added voices and actions.  We watched and evaluated the performances.  We talked about the poems qualities and our likes and dislikes.    

Musical talent

During our music lesson on Friday we had the opportunity to listen to Danial and Jake play the piano. Both children delighted us with their musical skills. They are working extremely hard, each having two lessons a week and then … Read More

World Book Day 2023

Beech class enjoyed World Book Day.  We had some wonderful costumes, there were some great examples of recycling and reusing.  The classroom was filled with footballers, the Boy in the Dress, King Arthur and several princesses. We had a visiting … Read More

Fractions in Beech

Beech class have been learning about fractions. Year three have been working in tenths, creating multilink towers to represent different fractions. Year four have been looking at equivilent fractions. They have created fraction walls to represent their understanding.  

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