Cardboard City

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Over two consecutive nights the children have spent time outside building their own shelters out of cardboard as if they were going to sleep out for the night.  The first night was really wet and very quickly the children saw how the cardboard became soggy and it soon stopped being fun; it was impossible to stay warm and dry and everything got muddy.  The second night was drier but much colder; the children created their shelters and then soon realised that as the light went you couldn’t see to do anything and they were really cold.  Both evenings were ended with the children coming inside to have soup just like at the soup kitchen visited by Emily and Lily, everyone agreed that the soup tasted amazing as it was so warm!

The purpose of these evenings as well as to raise more funds for the Oxford Soup Kitchen was to give the children a small taste of what life would be like if you were homeless and had to sleep rough outside.