Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Review

St Blaise’s smash-hit show of the topsy-turvy world of lawmakers and lawbreakers!

The cast of St Blaise Primary School exceeded all expectations in this extremely skilled and seamless rendition of Prohibition-era New York musical Bugsy Malone. There is something riotously fun about kids taking over the town, making and breaking the rules, which is what the musical is all about. Splurge guns, whipped cream pies and all sorts of slapstick gags. Spotlight Academy’s production delivered a smoothly staged version with moments of stillness, beautifully lit and scenes of riotous full-company choreography. Full credit to all cast members, Spotlight and St Blaise staff for making these crowd scenes so well-staged with no slips or mishaps. This was no mean feat, given the cast numbers and with shaving foam to boot! Special mention must go to the skills of leading artists in the show who committed to the New York accents, mannerisms and elegant song and dance styles of a bygone time and place. This took imagination and courage and made the show thoroughly engaging. It is such a privilege to see a fully-staged piece of musical theatre at primary school and I hope that all performers will have cherished memories of their Bugsy success!

Dr Pamela Knowles

Head of Department, Theatre and Performance, Goldsmiths University

Musical Theatre Network, UK

Royal Opera House Engender Network