Blaise the Alpaca

On Tuesday we went to a village in Gloucestershire to meet Blaise the alpaca.

Blaise was named after our school by Mrs Leach’s nephew.

It was a long journey (75mins)  but it was worth the drive.  We started by meeting the herd of alpacas. The smallest one was called Chester,  Blaise was the second smallest. He was soft and friendly, he liked being stroked and was very playful. There were lots of other female alpacas: Storm, Summer, Sky, Calypso, Tizzy, Cleo and Carly. We fed them in the yard then took them to the field and gave them hay. They rolled in the dust!

Afterwards we played with the dogs: Bear, Rocco and Pippa.

We were chosen to go because we finished our diamond achievement cards. We recommend that you try and finish your fourth card so you can see the alpacas.