Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast was perfection.  The characters, their personalities…I could stop watching it!  The theatre was massive and the characters played their roles so well; the music was phenomenal, they used the music from the movie.  I was so sad when it ended as I wish I could see it again.


My favourite character was the Beast, I loved how good the forks, spoons, salt, pepper and the wardrobe were too.  I thought the singing was amazing and I loved their make-up.  The wolves were wonderful to watch.  The band had a violin, french horn, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, cello and keyboard and they sounded so good; I loved singing along.


Beauty and the Beast at St Helen’s and St Katharine’s was an amazing experience; I loved the excitement of being in a theatre and the comfy seating.  I was a bit creaped out when we arrived as there was a scary mask in the boot of a car but we got used to it.  As we were going in I saw some artwork they had produced at the school, it was amazing – it was so much better than anything I could have produced, especially the wire sculpture.  When we got into the theatre I was so surprised by the size of it, we could have fitted our whole school in there.