Fitness Testing in Maple Class

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We really enjoyed our fitness testing learning some new exercises and trying to achieve our personal bests in the different activities! Sorry about the slightly blurred photos but it shows how fast the children were moving!

Building Aqueducts in Maple Class

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As part of our work on the Romans we learnt about Aqueducts.  We found out how they were built and how vital they were in bringing water to the cities – we learnt that the Aqua Virgo aqueduct still supplies … Continued

Haka – Maple Class

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In PE,  Maple Class have been learning about the Haka. The Haka is a Maori dance originating in New Zealand. Haka are usually performed in a group and typically represent a display of a tribe’s pride, strength, and unity. We watched … Continued

Debate in Maple Class

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This term we have been finding out Saints. We have considered what makes a person saintly, do you have to be a martyr to be a saint and how the lives of saints can influence us. We have found out … Continued

Escape from Pompeii – Maple Class

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In Maple Class we used the book Escape from Pompeii as the inspiration for writing our own narratives.  We created setting descriptions for what Pompeii was like at the start of the story, thought about synonyms for ‘shake’ to be … Continued

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