Edible Atom Workshop – Maple

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Maple Class were able to take part in a remote workshop with Rutherford Appleton on Edible Atoms.  As part of this we looked at lots of objects under microscopes to see what they are made up of.  We found out … Continued

Beowulf Stories – Maple Class

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As part of our work on the Anglo Saxons we explored Beowulf.  Throughout our work on this we wrote character descriptions, settings descriptions, interviewed Beowulf for the post of hero to defeat the Grendel and then wrote our own version … Continued

World Book Day

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World Book Day A massive thank you to everyone who took part in World Book Day – the children’s costumes looked amazing and we loved seeing all the photos from those dressed up at home as well. There were so … Continued

Wanted Posters – Maple Class

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Continuing our work on Beowulf and with Beowulf now preparing to fight the Grendel, wanted posters were seen to alert us to all sightings of him.  We had great fun thinking about what Grendel would look like and creating these … Continued

Hero needed – Maple Class

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In Maple class we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxon tale Beowulf. The blurb of this book describes it as a tale that has been told for a thousand years and more.  A tale which still troubles and terrifies us … Continued

Sketching animal faces – Maple Class

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We have been focusing on using sketching pencils in art this term to create different shades, tones and textures.  Throughout our work we have had to look really carefully at the objects we have been sketching, learning how to draw … Continued

Sketching faces in Maple Class

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We have been focusing on using sketching pencils in art, creating different shades and tones.  We then used our observational skills to think about how we could sketch a face; paying close attention to the different facial features, where they … Continued

Electricity in Maple Class

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In Science we have been exploring how to build electric circuits.  We have learnt the symbols for the different components and how you draw a circuit.  We have also been finding out the effect on a circuit of adding more … Continued

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