Topic Web Natural Disasters – Maple Class

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Our topic for this term is Natural Disasters – we will be learning about mountains, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes and tsunamis.  Our work will look at where in the world these events are most likely to happen, what causes them … Continued


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Maple Class thought about people who they respect and why they respect them – read their writing below Albert Einstein by AJ Bill Gates by Alex David Attenborough Jamie Grace by Joy JKRowling by Lily and Charlotte Malala Rosa Parks … Continued

Table Tennis

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The children have loved learning how to play table tennis with Mr Cruse this term.  They have worked to improve their skills of controlling the ball and accurately sending the ball where they want it to go. They can’t wait … Continued

Biscuit Making

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Maple class worked hard to make their own boxes from nets this week which they then filled with delicious biscuits they baked with Mrs Howard.  They had to be accurate in their measuring, cutting and scoring skills to create the … Continued

Basket Ball Competition

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On Thursday 13th December 10 children from Maple class took part in a Basketball competition along with 15 other schools.  We were split into three different groups and had to play an 8 minute match against every other team in … Continued

Born in a Barn

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Nativity Play On the 4th of December, Reception and Poplar (Year 1 and 2) performed a spectacular Nativity play. During the performance we were treated with singing cats, dancing donkeys and ducks and even performing pigs! Everybody should be proud … Continued

Big Christmas Sing

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St Blaise school choir took part in the Big Christmas Sing at the Town Hall in Oxford last night.  As well as performing their own choir piece – Do you Hear What I Hear they sang many songs as part … Continued

Archie Dobson’s War

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Maple Class put on Archie Dobson’s War in order to commemorate the 100 years since the signing of the Armistice at the end of World War One.  The play sees the war through the eyes of a young boy Archie … Continued

Methodist Lunch Club

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Six members of Maple Class supported at the Milton Methodist Church lunch club on Tuesday.  They helped to serve a delicious roast beef dinner, rhubarb fool and cake.  After singing peace perfect peace as the grace the children worked extremely … Continued

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