Art work – Maple Class

Maple Class have created their own maps of Narnia using all of the skills they have learnt throughout the term.  They learnt all about maps, keys, grid references and compasses during their topic work and how to create their own illuminated letters and use watercolour paints in art.  They looked at maps created by different illustrators and decided which parts they liked and thought effective and wished to use in their own art work.  Finally we decided on the best materials for each part of the map from watercolours for the background, fineliners to add details and oil pastels and sharpies for creating the illumination on the borders and lettering.

It took us several days to produce the final maps, they were all extremely proud of their finished art work

Once all the maps were complete they enjoyed creating a gallery of their work and going round and having chance to peer assess each others work.  They were extremely good at giving positive and constructive comments about their own and each others work.