Art in Maple Class

As part of our topic “My name is not Refugee” we have been learning about the Windrush Generation and the trip they made on the Empire Windrush from the Caribbean.  We have been thinking about what migration is and the push and pull factors which cause people to migrate as well as finding out more about the countries within the Caribbean so we can compare them to the UK.  We have used images of the Caribbean to start to create art work which represents these countries.

Firstly we used sketching pencils to design our piece of work – thinking about the placement of features such as palm trees, islands and the Empire Windrush ship.  Next we focused on creating the background for our artwork using chalk pastels – we blended the different colours together to create a sunset background and ocean.  Throughout we had to think about the direction of our pastels marks and how we could use the direction of our marks most effectively, we also had to think about the reflection which would appear in the ocean as it is so crystal clear there.

Next week we will start to add in trees and islands and look forward to sharing with you how our work progresses.