Anti-Bullying Week – Maple Class

Maple Class have been discussing the difference between banter and bullying this week, we have been thinking about what each is and how easily banter can cross the line to become bullying.  We learnt that banter is a friendly exchange of teasing remarks between friends, but it isn’t banter if…

  • You would be upset if someone said it to you
  • It’s hurtful
  • Someone has asked you to stop
  • The target isn’t laughing
  • It focuses on someone’s insecurities.

We decided that if you have nothing kind to say it can be better to say nothing.

We also discussed how good friends are like a strong bridge; as we are kind, loving and respectful and work together the bridge gets stronger.  However if we say unkind words or hurt each other then the bridge will get weaker and eventually collapse and the friendship is broken.


We have also been redisgning the school anti-bullying poster along with reviewing the Parent and Children’s Anti-Bullying guide which will be around the school very soon.