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St Blaise C of E Primary School – What’s in a name?

We take our name from our close links with St Blaise Church, Milton. We are a Church of England (C of E), controlled school. This means we are ‘controlled’ by the Local Education authority and ‘aided’ by the diocese, the church. For some C of E schools it is the other way around, they are ‘aided’ by the local authority and ‘controlled’ by the diocese.

Please note: within the current political climate, schools are being encouraged to become Academies. We will keep you informed if and when the Governing Body looks at changing the status of the school.

This cross is in our entrance hall helps signpost our Christian ethos. It was made by everyone – each child and adult in school chose a piece of fabric and wove it into our cross, showing how we are all part of God’s and our school family.


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Our School Christian Values – Why are these important?

Love, peace, respect, determination, creation, creativity

Our School Christian Values of love, peace, respect, determination, creation, creativity underpin all that we do. These values are actively promoted to help children grow and develop their own positive Christian Values. It is hoped and expected the whole school community of pupils, parents, staff and governors, consider the implications of their actions and choices within this supportive framework.

Our Christian Values

Our values this term are Love and Creativity


 School Prayer  


Our Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the gift of learning here at Saint Blaise,

Help us on the journey of life so that we can do our best,

Give us love in hearts today,



 Narnia Prayer Space


More about St Blaise

St Blaise is the patron saint of Armenia and the Croatian city Dubrovnik. Saint Blaise is known as the patron saint of sore throats. His feast day is on the 3rd February. This is rather appropriate as it is in the winter time that people are more likely to get throat infections. Candles are blessed and when they touch a person’s throat God is asked to cure anyone with a throat infection.
Saint Blaise was a doctor and became the bishop of Sebaste in Armenia. He is believed to have saved a child from choking on a fish bone.

St Blaise is said to have cured animals and lived in a cave among wild animals. He lived in the cave to escape persecution by the Emperor Licinius. It is said he was discovered when the Emperor’s men were out searching for wild animals. They wanted the animals for the games that would be held in an arena to entertain the Emperor. The men saw the animals round the cave. It appears that by being there the animals without knowing it gave him away. Saint Blaise was taken away and tortured for his beliefs however his faith remained strong. He was beheaded in 316.
He seems to have had an understanding and instinct for animals which was mutual. As he once told a wolf to let go of the pig it had. The wolf obeyed him and the pig was reunited with its owner unharmed.
St Blaise is the patron saint of Armenia and the Croatian city Dubrovnik.


The Parish church in Milton Village

Here’s a presentation by Kaycee & Loren all about the Saint our school is named after.

This is our school’s stained glass window, designed by the children in 2007, and dedicated to St Blaise.


SIAMS Report March 2013

SIAMS Interim Report – June 2016

To find out more please read the following school policies:

Collective Worship Policy , Religious Education, and the SMSC Policy 2017, which includes guidance on promoting British Values.

You might also be interested in the following link: this government sponsored website supports parents and teachers in the campaign against radicalisation and extremism.

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