Aims and Mission

St Blaise provides inspiration through Christian values enabling all to become the

best they can be.               



Enabling children to:

Challenge themselves to reach their full potential

*Individual pupil’s needs are catered for through careful planning and differentiation.

*Staff encourage children to experiment and take risks when learning.

*Staff foster; resourcefulness, resilience, reflectiveness, relationships, they take risks with their learning.


Receive an engaging purposeful education of the highest quality

*Children are involved in planning teaching and evaluating learning.

*Children’s interests and ideas are used to plan topics.

*Children work in mixed year groups and mixed age teams.

*Staff enable pupils to access a high number of learning opportunities via trips, visitors and outdoor learning.


Learn in a safe and caring environment

*The Headteacher and staff ensure that they know and understand every child and their families.

*The staff work together to maintain the outstanding health and safety audit – attained in Dec 2012

*Children are encouraged to plan for risks and help make decisions about safety management.


Develop a sense of ownership and belonging to the whole community

*Children are consulted about all aspects of education, pupil voice and reflection is built into all aspects of education.

*Parents and community members are invited to a range of events, assemblies and fundraising functions.

*Many local people support us by volunteering, gardening, reading, and running activities for groups.  We work alongside local youth projects.


Grow together in Christian faith and spirituality

*We work alongside Milton churches to provide a range of opportunities for our pupils to experience faith in the community.

*We provide areas and time for personal reflection for adults and children.

*We unite as a team showing mutual respect.  We believe in individuals needing to use their talents for the good of all.



Our school will achieve the above aims in an environment that: 

 displays a distinctive Christian character

works in partnership with parents and carers

is Inclusive of all



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