16th March What is love?  How can we show it in school?
2nd March How do we use maths at school, home?  Do you enjoy maths?
29th January How can we encourage people to get fit and

  • Have more clubs – basketball and dancing
  • Bring back archery and other exciting clubs
  • We could walk/run a mile everyday – our parents and teachers could do it as well
  • More PE
  • Add star jumps to fitness
  • Fitness in the hall everyday – 2 classes in the morning and 2 in the afternoon
  • Buy fitness equipment and put it in the playground
  • Run a proper mile – not round the playground
  • Have a treadmill
  • Make fitness fun – have a partner
  • Do weights
  • Posters and information
  • Skipping ropes – Dutch skipping
  • French skipping
  • 100 star jumps a day
  • More equipment – ropes, balls, stilts
  • Longer play
How can we promote healthy eating at our

  • Have more fruit
  • Eat more vegetables
  • I like class cooking on a Monday – can we do more
  • Children making their own lunch boxes
  • Make the food taste good
  • Put a display up – have information
  • Change the menus
  • Have more bananas
  • Encourage parents to give their children healthier food
  • Buy better brands so they are Fair Trade and green
  • More salad
  • Fruit salad
  • More water fountains – one outside
  • Everyone gets fruit and milk even Maple
4th December What should our new playground and outside spaces look like?
6th November What is bullying?  Are you safe at St Blaise?
16th October How can we promote God’s creation in our school?

  • Pick up litter
  • Put rubbish in the bins
  • Tidy up after yourself
  • Turn the lights off
  • Water the plants
  • Don’t waste food
  • Don’t waste school dinners – eat it all
  • Be happy
  • Don’t steal things – it wastes resources
  • Don’t waste paper
  • Use old paper as scrap paper – reuse
  • Don’t leave pages out in books
  • Don’t waste valuable food – give it to good causes
  • Don’t leave the taps om
  • Switch off the power when we don’t need it
  • Turn off the iPads properly
  • People to go round the playground – litter picking
  • Have a turn off the lights club
  • Have a compost bin
  • Get more bins
  • Re-cycle
  • Do more gardening
  • Reuse stuff
How can we look after God’s creation at home?

  • Use the right bins
  • Recycle wrappers
  • Clean up
  • Have compost bins
  • Turn the lights off
  • Have a bin in your bedroom and sort it out
  • Have solar panels
  • Turn off devices
  • Don’t pick flowers
  • Help homeless people by giving them food and water
  • Eat our dinner and food
  • Don’t cook too much food
  • Don’t use heaters at night
  • Don’t leave things on standby
  • Adopt homeless people or animals
  • Donate to the poor
  • Save water
  • Less factories
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Turn the telly off
  • Don’t play on electronic games for too long
22nd September Is the harvest of the world shared equally?

  • No because some people don’t have any money or food
  • No because we waste food
  • No countries like Africa have nowhere to grow crops
  • No we are lucky other countries aren’t
  • The harvest isn’t shared equally because some people are starving
  • Some people can’t fish – there are no fish
  • Some countries are too hot and have no rain
  • Some countries have droughts
  • Some people don’t have proper homes
  • We need to share food so no one dies
  • Some people have no clean water or homes
  • Homeless people starve
  • Some people are poor and don’t have enough
  • Some people in the world are greedy
Are there ways that we can help? How can we play our

  • Share with other people
  • Send food to them
  • Don’t waste your food
  • Help the elderly
  • Donate food to places that don’t have as much
  • Share food you don’t like
  • Give food to homeless people
  • Give to shelters
  • Stop wasting
  • Sue Donald Trump because he is building a wall to stop the Mexicans and that’s not sharing
  • Make apple pie for others to eat – bake and deliver it
  • Grow our own food – fruit and vegetables
  • Make sure things are equal
  • Shut down McDonalds and eat soup and veg
  • Make clean water
  • Write letters to help people have clean water